Improving Your Home Security System with Smart Devices

There was a time when we had conventional home security systems which consisted of cameras and locks at most. There was no integration of the internet, which meant that the security wasn’t as good as it is today. Now, we have the internet incorporated into our home security systems, giving us added security. However, the catch is that you need an amazing internet connection that could be connected to your security system at all times. 

You should consider investing in the kind of internet connection that is uninterrupted and gives you as less latency as possible, so do consider looking into Xfinity internet which is already popular all over the country. You can call Xfinity customer service number for super-fast internet at affordable rates.

Once you do get an internet connection that is fast enough, here are some smart home security systems that you should invest in to make your home as secure as possible:

Xfinity Home

Not only is Xfinity Home one of the most prestigious home security systems but it also ensures that it has a price tag that is affordable for most people. Review websites such as CNET have given it an 8 out of 10 due to its performance and brilliant safety. By given enough research, you would see that Xfinity Home costs a lot less in comparison to other companies that provide security service products. The best part is that you can connect your home security system with a hub that you have installed at home such as Google Nest or Amazon Alexa.

You may even bundle your services together to get not just a security system but you may also get an internet service or a TV service with it, that too at a much-reduced cost. Getting this security system requires no contract, giving you a lot more liberty. 

Vivint Smart Home

Vivint Smart Home is amongst the most reliable security systems available to people in the United States. The security system is capable of giving you surveillance 24 hours, 7 days a week which also makes it a very reliable security system. You can control all the locks in your house, the thermostats, cameras, and even all the lights, making it a complete package for your home. Another catch of having the Vivint Smart Home is that you can even monitor your cars while they are outside, keeping an eye on them. 

However, if you intend on getting this security system, you should know that you would have to make a hefty investment since it costs a lot to have this security system. Once you get the system, you get an interactive touch screen, and a mobile app for remote control and you can even pair the system up with your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. 

Wyze Home Monitoring System

The element that makes Wyze stand out from the rest is that it allows you to have custom settings on your device, meaning you can control it in whatever way you want it to. When it comes to Wyze, you may either pay $10 a month or you could pay $100 a year. The hub called the Wyze Sense Hub comes for free with the package which then allows you to have complete control over your motion sensors, keypads, cameras, doorbells, and whatever else comes under your security system. 

The ADT Command Security System

If you thought Wyze was expensive, wait till you hear about ADT’s security system. However, despite being expensive, ADT is certainly among the best security systems available. It gives you quite the liberty when it comes to automating everything in your house along with mobile and web apps that can allow you to use the system through your phone, PC, or laptop. While you can connect your security with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, you can also add numerous cameras, sensors, and doorbells. You can install the sensors on your doors and your windows and then connect them to ADT’s system for better control. 

When you get ADT’s security system, there is nothing you have to worry about since it gives you complete control over your home’s security.

The Ring Alarm Pro

If you feel like you need the kind of security system that you could install entirely on your own and wouldn’t need professional help for it, then Ring Alarm Pro should be your go-to device. The device works quite robustly when it comes to providing security and it gives you a couple of extra features as well. These features include a backup WiFi powered by cells in case your power goes out, local processing, and network security monitoring and you can pair it up with Amazon Alexa’s Guard Plus service. 

Now you wouldn’t have to rely on anyone else to install it for you since you can do it entirely on your own. 

Wrapping Up

A Home Security System is now a necessity more than a want, and what better way to have a security system than to have a Smart one that can connect to the internet to give you higher security? So, what are you waiting for, go through the list and see which one suits your needs the most!


  • Jeremy Treutel

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