Step 1: Draw a circle for the head and then draw a curved line under the head for the body.

Step 2: Next, draw two small circles for the eyes and then draw a curved line above the eyes for the eyebrows.

Step 3: Draw a small triangle for the nose and then draw two small circles for the ears.

Step 4: Draw a curved line under the body for the arms and then draw two small circles for the hands.

Step 5: Draw a curved line for the tail and then draw a small circle for the Grumpy Cat logo.

Step 6: Finally, use a black pen to trace over the lines you have drawn and then erase any extra lines.

Gathering Your Drawing Materials

There’s no need to be grumpy when learning how to draw one of the world’s grumpiest cats – Grumpy Cat! All you need is a piece of paper, some pencils, and an Internet connection to watch a few simple tutorials.

To begin, sketch out the basic outline of Grumpy Cat’s head and body. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect – you can always erase and make corrections later. Once you have the outline drawn, start adding details to the face and body. Draw the fur around Grumpy Cat’s face, and make sure to add the characteristic frown and downturned mouth.

When it comes to the body, don’t be afraid to experiment with different shapes and sizes. Grumpy Cat is a pretty simple character, so you don’t need to add too many extra details. Just make sure to include the characteristic folded arms and grumpy expression.

Once you’re finished, take a step back and admire your work. You’ve just drawn Grumpy Cat!

Basic Sketching Techniques for Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat has taken the internet by storm. This cranky feline has inspired legions of fans with her unique look and sardonic attitude. If you’re one of the many people who love Grumpy Cat, you may want to learn how to draw her.

There are a few basic sketching techniques that you can use to create a basic outline of Grumpy Cat. The first step is to draw a basic outline of Grumpy Cat’s head and body. Be sure to make her body leaner and longer than her head.

Next, draw in Grumpy Cat’s features. Start with her signature frown and piercing green eyes. Then, add in her pointy ears and tiny nose. Finally, give her a fluffy tail and some cute little paws.

Once you’ve finished the outline, you can start to add in the details. Use a light shade to create the illusion of fur, and be sure to add in the characteristic highlights in Grumpy Cat’s fur. You can also add in some accessories, like her bowtie or her sunglasses.

With a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to draw Grumpy Cat like a pro!

Capturing Grumpy Cat’s Distinct Facial Features

Grumpy Cat has become a pop culture phenomenon, and with her distinct facial features, it’s easy to see why. Her permanently scowling expression has won the hearts of people all over the world. If you’d like to learn how to draw Grumpy Cat, just follow these simple steps.

First, start by drawing a basic outline of Grumpy Cat’s head and body. Her body should be fairly round, and her head should be small and triangular.

Next, draw in Grumpy Cat’s facial features. Her eyes should be small and narrow, and her nose should be small and pointed. Her mouth should be downturned in a permanent scowl.

Finally, add some details to finish your drawing. Grumpy Cat’s fur should be short and scruffy, and she should be frowning angrily.

With these simple steps, you can now draw your very own Grumpy Cat!

Adding Fur Details and Textures

Grumpy Cat is one of the most popular Internet memes of all time. The grumpy-faced feline has spawned countless T-shirts, memes, and even a movie.

Grumpy Cat’s distinctive features are her downturned mouth and furrowed brow. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to draw this iconic kitty, adding fur details and textures.

1. Begin by drawing a basic outline of Grumpy Cat’s body and head.

2. Next, add the basic details of her fur. Use a variety of short, curved strokes to give her fur a furry appearance.

3. To add texture, use a pointed brush to make random dashes and dots in different directions.

4. Finally, add the details of her face, including her downturned mouth and furrowed brow. Use a thin brush to create the furrows, and a pointed brush to add the detail to her mouth.

And there you have it! You’ve now drawn Grumpy Cat in all her furry glory.

Coloring Your Grumpy Cat Drawing

Grumpy Cat has been a popular internet meme for a few years now. And if you love Grumpy Cat, then you’ll love coloring her! In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to draw Grumpy Cat and then color her in with your favorite colors.

Step 1: To draw Grumpy Cat, start by drawing a basic outline of her body and head. She has a very distinctive shape, so make sure to get her proportions right.

Step 2: Next, add in the details of her face. Grumpy Cat is known for her angry expression, so make sure to draw her eyes and mouth in a frowning shape.

Step 3: Now it’s time to add some color! Grumpy Cat is typically drawn in shades of grey, but feel free to use any colors you like.

Step 4: Finally, add some finishing touches to your drawing, such as highlights and shadows. And there you have it! Your very own Grumpy Cat drawing.

Final Touches and Personalizing Your Art

Grumpy Cat, the internet sensation, has now been immortalized in an illustrated book. The book is a compilation of Grumpy Cat comics, each with a unique and clever caption.

The illustrations are by Ken Haeser and Bill Blankenship. If you’re a fan of Grumpy Cat, or just want to learn how to draw a character that’s easy to make look grumpy, this book is for you.

The book is broken into five sections: Basics, Head and Face, Body and Clothing, Extras, and Putting it All Together.

In the Basics section, you’ll learn how to draw Grumpy Cat’s basic outline, including the tips for making her look grumpy.

In the Head and Face section, you’ll learn how to draw Grumpy Cat’s head and face, including her famous frown and whiskers.

In the Body and Clothing section, you’ll learn how to dress Grumpy Cat in a variety of outfits, from a T-shirt and jeans to a ball gown.

In the Extras section, you’ll learn how to add various accessories to Grumpy Cat, such as a hat, a pipe, and a drink.

In the Putting it All Together section, you’ll learn how to put all the elements of a Grumpy Cat comic together to create a finished product.

The book also includes a section on personalizing your art, with tips on how to make your illustrations your own.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, you’ll find something in this book to help you learn how to draw Grumpy Cat. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow, and the illustrations are clear and concise. So grab a pencil and some paper, and get ready to learn how to draw your favorite grumpy feline.


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